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Hi, I'm Meg


I have lived in the city of Corona for 40 years. When I was a little girl, my family was poor. We couldn't afford after school activities like dance classes and softball. Funds were always so tight; I remember that we depended heavily on services provided by the City of Corona.  Three of my favorite memories were going to the public library, going swimming at the local “Plunge”, and every Sunday after church at St. Edward's going to eat at the local Grinders, which is now Hunny's.  Most of my childhood was spent in the heart of Corona and now that heart happens to be my home of District 3.



I have been an educator in the Corona-Norco Unified School District for 22 years.  For most of my career, I taught in the heart of the District at Corona Fundamental Intermediate School.  As a longtime resident of Corona, it saddens me that the current City Council Member running in District 3 has had such a hands-off approach to working with the school district.  I believe in order to solve some of our City's most common issues like homelessness and traffic, we have to have an "All Hands on Deck" philosophy.  When I am your City Council Person, we will forge a stronger connection with the school district, county and state agencies, non-profits and even the private sector to work together.  As a city, we will be strategically seeking out grants and partnerships to help improve our community life.

"I believe that we will never be able to

do as much alone as we can do together."


Unfortunately, it seems as though today, District 3 has been neglected.  I have heard family members comment that they will not go into the areas near my home because they don't think it’s safe. This led me to question “Why is it that people feel like my community is rundown?" I began to realize several reasons as to why some people may have a misconception of how amazing and safe a community, we have here in Corona District 3. While nearly every park in the city is well kept, the parks in District 3 have very little to offer, they have limited amenities and for the most part, they are not kept clean.  Most of the storefronts in District 3 are withering away, while in other parts of our city, there have been vast revitalization efforts made.  When I am your City Council Person, I will bring more services to our most vulnerable citizens and make sure that District 3 is not left behind.   I will make it my mission to nurture, not neglect this community and in turn.

I first started thinking about running for City Council in May of 2018.  Two events during that month, made me realize that our city government didn't represent all of our residents.  The first was when I attended the local Cinco de Mayo Celebration.  While the City Council rode in the parade, I did not see them at the Festival.  My wife and I were there helping out a friend in her booth and I was delighted to see so many of my past students and their families.  However, when I looked around at the smiling faces of our Mexican-American neighbors, it truly made me sad that our city officials did not think this was an event worth attending.


"My efforts will mend the

heart of Corona so it can be a

strong heartbeat in the lives

of the residents again."



In that same month on May 16, I attended a city council meeting to speak in favor of SB54, California's Sanctuary State Law.  On the agenda that day, the council was going to vote on a resolution denouncing the law.  I spoke in favor of it because I know that laws like these make our city and state safer.  I didn't come to the meeting with just opinion, I brought with me a Literature Review based on numerous studies that prove this to be true.


The council voted to denounce the law, not based on research, based simply on the propaganda about fear of immigrants.  Their vote had no valid data to corroborate their theories. When I am your City Council Member, I will be at every Cinco de Mayo Celebration and not just to ride in the parade, but to visit with the valued members of our community. I value diversity and I want all of our residents to feel they have a real voice and champion in our city's government. 


Considering our community members and their livelihood is my top priority. I will make a commitment to always consult with our residents for opinions and I will thoroughly research any applicable data before making any decisions as a trusted member of Corona’s City Council.   When I am your City Council Person, your voice will be always be heard and valued.

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