My Top Priorities


"To me, revitalization is about more than just bringing in new businesses."


It’s about preserving the legacies of businesses we’ve known and loved across generations. News of “Little American Business” (LAB) developing new eateries and retail establishments in the Corona Mall is exciting. Though, how can we make certain the residents of District 3 are included as this project unfolds? Given the possibility of new development and changes to our neighborhoods, I will ensure local businesses have access to the tools and resources needed to remain competitive in our district.


"As leaders, we must prioritize equitable community development as economic development grows."


My vision is comprised of events that are low cost and will enrich our community members by celebrating our diversity.


Another key element of revitalizing District 3 is devoting time and resources to our City Park. Our City Park was once the center for many community-wide events, youth sports, small gatherings and birthday parties. I believe we can coordinate efforts in partnership with nonprofits, volunteer-based organizations, and local businesses necessary to rehabilitate our park and maximize community benefits.


When elected to represent District 3,


"I will first remain dedicated to serving unhoused neighbors currently taking shelter at City Park by way of housing-first initiatives and wrap-around services."


I will actively pursue grants for greatly needed upgrades on current structures for all neighbors to enjoy. We must work together to ensure access to city amenities while continuing to serve our most vulnerable community members in these initiatives.


Revitalization is also about looking for opportunities to increase trades. I will work with our local trade unions to look for ways to establish community workforce agreements. We need a council determined to strengthen our partnerships with CNUSD’s Career Technical and Adult Education programs, Norco Community College, and other trade schools so we can enrich the lives of our community members.  As a public school teacher and leader in our local educators’ union, I believe that education is a key to economic development and revitalization.


When I threw my hat in the running for City Council, I had a different vision of what a leader in my community might look like. They would be accessible, visible, actively seek out the voices of our District 3 neighbors, and engage them in our city politics. I soon realized much like my days teaching, this office lends me the opportunity to 1, serve my community, and 2, forge a path for future leadership to evolve.

By championing campaign reform I believe we can work together to lower barriers for public servants interested in running in elections.


"Setting a cap on campaign contributions from individual donors would change the way elections are run and favor small individual donations from stakeholders from within our communities."

To accompany campaign reform, I believe term limits are crucial to ensuring new voices, ideas, and messages reach our residents. Establishing term limits for city council members would prevent a council insulated in beliefs and favor action over complacency.

"As your elected official I will remain transparent and responsive in all aspects of governance."


You deserve a representative that is accessible and works for you. Engaging residents is integral to connecting citizens to viable resources. We must work together with businesses, the school districts, community colleges, universities, nonprofits, unions, and our county/state government to truly make the most lasting impact in the work we do for our residents.

My vision for District 3 reinvigorates community engagement through a network of “neighborhood liaisons” similar to existing neighborhood watch programs that cover a range of issues. Our vision for “neighborhood liaisons” housed under the office of council will localize issues by neighborhood for constituents to organize and keep informed. This network will build community, promote inclusivity, and ensure local issues are addressed.


"I will work diligently to include the voices of all District 3 residents and advocate that our neighborhoods are equally represented in council meetings."

Our most vulnerable communities need a centralized network of services for support. The effects of COVID-19 have shown us ways we can show up for one another in times of uncertainty. Whether it be through sharing direct resources or calling our relatives to check in on one another, this spirit of mutual aid is a benchmark my candidacy aims to uphold.


"I will help build the infrastructure to support nonprofits based in Corona that serve the members of my district as your councilmember."